Nobody knows exactly, but at the dawn of creation a Celestial being was born from the explosive energy, and the sound waves blast from the Big Bang. His name is Hyperion, he is known throughout the galaxy as the biggest and most powerful being in the universe; with a size that surpassed even the largest of planets. He has unique and incredible powers that are beyond comprehension.

Hyperion can create and destroy matter with a mere thought, control all elements and all forms of life with his powerful hypnotic waves, and shoot blast of sounds and ray waves from his hands, and eyes. With a single thought, he created a massive sound blast that echoed across the galaxy. He can also consume unlimited audio waves and shoot them back as powerful bass blasts from his hands, eyes, and as telekinetic waves to control the minds and bodies of others. With these abilities, he could manipulate entire universes and bend them to his will.

Hyperion had been missing for centuries, and many believed that he had vanished into the vastness of space. But rumors persisted that he is still out there, wandering the universe and using his powers at his will. Some are saying that Hyperion is coming to Earth, because he is drawn by the increasing turmoil and chaos that is plaguing the planet. Others are claiming that he is being summoned by another powerful entity, one that might be a real big cosmic threat to the very existence of our universe.

As the rumors are spreading, fear and excitement are growing among other beings in the universe. Some hope that Hyperion would come to Earth and be their protector from other powerful cosmic beings that can harm us. Others fear that his power is too great, and that will cause other powerful beings to want to harm Earth to challenge Hyperion.

What is drawing Hyperion to Earth is unknown. When he will arrive to Earth is also unknown. But one thing is for certain: One day he will come to Earth, and when he arrive, the fate of the universe would hang in the balance, and so other powerful beings in the universe. Everyone will know that Hyperion is here!

No one knows all the powers of Hyperion, but these are some of the super powers that are rumored.

  • Can create and destroy matter.
  • Can consume unlimited audio waves and can shoot them back.
  • Shoot blast of sounds and ray waves from his hands, and eyes.
  • Telekinesis that can control all elements and all forms of life with his powerful hypnotic waves.
  • Can create massive sound blast that can resonate in the universe.
  • Magnetism.
  • Celestial strength.
  • Unlimited energy.
  • Cosmic rays.
  • Universal knowledge.
Special Design · Multicolor · Men’s T-Shirt.

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